Monday, February 11, 2019

Why can't I enter any voice commands?

So you RMA'd your Cisco 4300 or 4400 ISR Voice Gateway and now it won't take any voice commands.  Here's how to get the voice licensing back on the replacement VG so you can load up your voice config and get back in production.

Update the boot licensing level to uck9 and reboot.
 license boot level uck9

Accept the EULA for SRST 
 license accept end user agreement

Update the srst license to right to use licensing.
 license right-to-use move cme-srst

Update the uck9 license to right to use licensing.
 license right-to-use move uck9

That's it.  Now you can apply you existing configuration back to the RMA replacement voice gateway and get it back in business.

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