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Thursday, March 21, 2019

B-channel selection for PRIs in a trunk group.

Why doesn't the ISDN B-channel selection configuration work on my Cisco Voice Gateway?

I had the PRIs in a trunk group and had the IOS configuration setup to perform channel selection on the serial interfaces corresponding with our PRIs.  However, the PRIs ignored the channel selection commands.  How strange, I would have thought that the serial interface would be the most specific configuration option to define the hunting scheme.  Well wouldn't you know, all of the hunt scheme magic is performed at the trunk group level.  (I didn't know)  The commands bellow illustrate how to configure the PRIs to hunt in a descending order which is typically my preference as carriers usually hunt in an ascending order. 

router(config-trunk-group)#trunk group PRI
router(config-trunk-group)#hunt-scheme ?
  sequential    The interface with highest preference is selected

router(config-trunk-group)#hunt-scheme sequential ?
  both  Select from all available timeslots

router(config-trunk-group)#hunt-scheme sequential both ?
  down  Timeslots are selected in the descending order 

router(config-trunk-group)#hunt-scheme sequential both down

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